Mari Memahami Delexical Verbs!

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Delexical Verbs atau kata kerja deleksikal adalah kata kerja yang sudah lepas dari makna leksikalnya karena ditempeli oleh kata benda yang mengikutinya. Have, take, may, give adalah beberapa delexical verbs yang seringkali kita temui.


Kita menggunakan have biasanya untuk food and drink, talking, washing, resting, disagreeing, dsb.


  • I will have lunch with  mom in a fancy restaurant.
  • I was having a conversation with Ryan when Dona entered the room
  • She will have a holiday in Spain next month.
  • We are having a fight, so I don’t want to see her now.
  • You should have a look!
  • I’m going to have a bite. You want to come?
  • Let’s have a walk with me!


Kita menggunakan take biasanya untuk washing dan resting, dsb.


  • I think I need to take a break.
  • Uh, you should have taken a shower before coming here.
  • Would you take a picture of me?


Kita menggunakan give biasanya untuk noises, facial expressions, hitting, affectionate actions, talking, dsb.

  • Will you give me a goodbye hug?
  • Come here, let me give you a punch in the face!
  • I gave him an awkward smile when I caught him staring at me.
  • Please give him some advice on how to dress properly!


Kita menggunakan make biasanya untuk talking and sounds, plans, dsb.

  • I can’t stand not making a comment on his new haircut.
  • I always make a decision for our group.
  • Can I see Doctor Connor? I’ve made an appointment by phone.
  • Don’t forget to make your bed before going to school.
  • I made new friends in Japan.

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