Idiom dengan Warna-warna

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Berikut adalah beberapa idiom yang berkaitan dengan warna-warna dan maknanya :

  • green thumb : keahlian untuk menumbuhkan tanaman

Wow, look at all those roses. Who has the green thumb?

  • yellow-bellied : pengecut

He won’t have the guts to touch me. He is  a yellow-bellied.

  • pink slip : lembar pemecatan

There are two employees getting pink slips today.

  • white elephant : barang mewah yang mahal biaya perawatannya

After winning the lottery, Dona bought a Porsche which is the true white elephant because she can’t afford the maintenance and the gas.

  • golden opportunity : kesempatan besar untuk mencapai sesuatu

Getting a scholarship from the government is a golden opportunity for her to pursue higher education.

  • blue collar : pekerja terlatih (bukan terdidik)

Mechanic is a blue collar worker.

  • silven screen : industri film

Angelina Jolie is the sexiest woman of the silver screen.

  • red tape : aturan yang menghambat progres

The red tape to get the Dean’s signature drives me nuts.





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